When he was 5 years old, in Caracas, he received from his grandfather a tool box that unknowingly marked his destiny.

"Design is the process of improving the world".

Artist, designer, illustrator and musician, Lorenzo serves as Creative Director at Olivares Creative Evolution, and as Professor of Product Design, Modeling and Sketch at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Graduated from the Domus Academy Design Master, under the tutelage of Denis Santachiara, Lorenzo has collaborated with Studio Sowden, Studio Monzini-Raboni, Juanco / Lorbus, Pascal Tarabay, Ricardo Bello Dias, Progetto Bianco; He has designed objects for Diamantini & Domeniconi, Sintesi, Banal Extra, Kasthall, Cleaf, Dorado Pizzorni and sons, Arepabox and FooooR; He has designed spaces for Cut Milano, Aliamed and Mobilservice, visual concepts for Studio Ito / Canon / Softbank, Mycrom, Progetto Bianco & Olivares, and music for Nescafé and the iOS game Life on a Ball. His work has been published in Wallpaper, DDN, Designboom, MocoLoco, Marie Claire, NYTMagazine among others. His work for BLANX deals with migration and the Covid-19 phenomenon.

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