Dominique Wilkins & KultureCity by BLANX High-Top | XX -

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Dominique Wilkins & KultureCity by BLANX Slip-On | XX -

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We proudly partnered with Dominique Wilkins one of the most relevant and exciting players of his generation, to bring you this important collection in support of KultureCity and their movement to bring awareness and acceptance to children with invisible disabilities.

KultureCity is a nation's leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities.

You can support by purchasing this Limited Edition Sneaker and help to create and bring more Sensory Rooms to the world.
We can all re-imagen a space of coexistence for people with invisible disabilities & the world. Let's take a stand against social isolation and ensure a better world for everyone.
You can learn more about KultrureCity here.
Get your unique pair and surprise someone you love!